It’s not all about will power

What if I told you I had a way that you can break a bad habit? and it’s not actually as hard as we think.

The oldest part of our brain, The Reptilian Brain is the part that keeps us safe. It keeps us breathing and controls survival. This is the past of the brain that creates habits.

It doesn’t differentiate between good and bad habits. The thinking/logical part takes care of that. All it knows are habits that keep us safe; keep us in our comfort zone.

So even when you have a habit that you logically know is bad like smoking, drinking, or eating too much chocolate, it’s almost impossible to break. It’s so much easier reverting back to what we know, what feels safe and comforting.

So how do we change these bad habits?

Not by trying to reason or bargain with our reptilian brain. It’s so much stronger than the thinking part of our brain. The reptilian part keeps us alive e.g. breathing.

Every time we do try to bargain with the reptilian brain (and lose) we in fact, strengthen the bad habit, as each time we go back to that bad habit, it’s neural pathway is strengthened!

This is where we start beating ourselves up with the negative chat inside our heads,

“I’m a failure” “I’m so crap” “I’m ugly” “I’m fat”… I’m sure you’ve probably had a bit of that?!

So have a think about this.

What habits are you trying to stop?

What is that reptilian brain telling you when you’re trying to stop?             e.g. “You’re so hungry” “Start on Monday” “Just one more won’t hurt” “but it’s Claire’s birthday” “You’re not good enough”…

Think and take note. It all starts with understanding your mind.


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