Take a minute and think of a time that you’ve achieved a goal (or not).

Think about when you first started working towards that goal, did everything go exactly to plan when you started, as you continued and if you achieved the result you were aiming for? 
Probably not, because life very rarely goes exactly to plan. In fact most people lose that commitment to achieving their goals once they are thrown off track.
So, how do you make sure that you smash the goals that you set?
1. Acknowledge that you have the desire to reach the goal and why.
2. Be flexible – try not to be so attached to each step of the goal that you hinder your progress towards the end result. Maybe you can’t run every day in order to train for a marathon, but if you run consistently, you will still be able to enter the marathon.
3. Enjoy the journey – sometimes what you learn about yourself along the way
will be super important, helping you to smash more and more goals along the way!
The flexibility and ease in these 3 steps makes the thought of working towards your end result less rigid and therefore more ‘do-able’.
I love ‘do-able’, how about you?
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