Self Esteem

Time To Shine


As a baby you didn’t think you were ugly, not intelligent enough and you didn’t give up trying to walk when you fell over for the first time.

So what happened?

Why do we start to think less of ourselves than our worst enemies?

There are so many factors that can have an affect on our self- confidence and self esteem, starting when we’re kids, continuing and compounding on into adulthood.

But the good news is, we can change this. Wether you’ve been bullied, worry that you’re not smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, don’t earn enough…what ever it is, we can change it and you can leave this painful existence behind.

And there’s a reason its so hard to change. Your mind is actually trying to keep you safe, making sure you don’t make a mistake by keeping you where you are, in your comfort zone.

Stepping out of our comfort zone is uncomfortable, scary; that’s why often, we don’t have the confidence to speak in public, travel alone, chat to complete strangers or live the life of our dreams, it’s easier to stay safe.

But let me ask you this…

If you carry on feeling how you’re feeling now, where will you be in a year? How about 5 years from now? What will you have dared to do?

If this thought is more scary than trying something new, then it’s time to step into your new self-esteem, towards a confidence that allows you to soar.

Why Stop Worrying with Hypnotherapy?

As babies we weren’t born with anxiety and depression so these feelings have come from an event or experience somewhere in our life. Sometimes we’re aware of what may be the cause, but often we aren’t fully aware of why we are feeling this way, or why we can’t just ‘click out of it’. Your mind is actually trying to keep you safe, by keeping you where you are.

Simply treating anxiety and depression symptoms with medication will not solve the actual reason you are experiencing symptoms and feeling this way. If you are thinking long term (probably why you’re here) it’s so important to find the source of the problem.

Often the answers are deep in our sub-conscious mind. By working with our mind, rather than against it, we can get to the root of the problem, the underlying cause (or causes) and start to re-build confidence, happiness, and self-belief.

Confronting the issues and challenges that have created anxiety or depression may be uncomfortable, scary even; but that’s how you stay trapped in the anxiety cycle. It feels either impossible to change or you’ve become so used to feeling anxious or depressed that it’s normal.

But let me ask you this…

If you carry on with how you’re feeling now, where will you be in a year? How about 5 years from now?

If that thought is more limiting than trying one of my programs then it’s time to do something about it.

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