Your Best Body Yet


A six week weight loss program using HypnotherapyCoaching and Brain Science based techniques, to change unwanted behaviours, ‘go to’ reactions and take back control from the battle of the bulge.


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This 6 Week Program will enable you to take back control from sugar cravings, emotional eating, boredom eating, overeating…fried food, crisps, ice cream, chocolate…all those foods you just can’t seem to say no to.

Using HypnotherapyCoaching and Brain Science based techniques, to change unwanted behaviours and ‘go to’ reactions. 

Offering simple and effective nutrition and exercise solutions to allow you fit everything in… and still have a life!



✅ Increase self-esteem and self confidence

✅ Gain back control from cravings

✅ Tune in to your body’s full and hunger signals

✅ Fire up your Metabolism

✅ Feel attractive again

✅ Improve bad habits and behaviours

✅ Create new neural pathways

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*Do not listen whilst driving or doing anything that could cause danger to yourself or others.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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