Ever considered it?

Hypnotherapy I mean 🙂

A lot of people know about it, but for some reason they don’t choose it as their first port of call.

Here’s some words from my clients, who may have been having similar challenges to you…see how Hypnotherapy has changed their lives – and if you have questions, feel free to get in touch.


If I could give Venessa more stars I would! She is a kind hearted, gentle, and genuine in nature that makes you feel at ease. She creates a space that is both safe and trusting allowing you to face emotions and feelings that have resided within you. Her various skills, knowledge and experience in different fields gives her a unique ability to tailer sessions around what the individual needs, an example of this is when Venessa used her Yoga instructor background to perform a Yin Yoga session, this for me was a game changer in my life. I could not recommend her enough!” Ashleigh

“Wow! Just what I really needed. Venessa was so welcoming, understanding, non-judgemental and confident in her ability to address the issues that had driven me to the comfort of her hypnosis chair. While my conscience mind drifted away each time my sub-conscious mind took onboard all her positive messages and and her guidance at a time when I really needed it. I was really glad to receive the recording of each session as it gave me the option to relive this awesome experience again and again. Truly grateful to you for your genuinely kind nature and for helping me through a really tough time. Glad we found each other. Thanks. I recommend Venessa so highly. It’s Self Care 101”  Paul

“Venessa at Mind Body Clinical Hypnotherapy focuses on the individual needs and goals to achieve the desired state and/or results. The hypnosis and recording you receive is personalised and as I would describe it, very relaxing and yet motivating. Vanessa really cares about you, and her extensive experience and knowledge takes you to greater heights. A big thank you for your guidance, support and helping me make some decisions, I was hesitant with, which achieved a positive outcome”  Daniela

“Thanks for your help Venessa. I would recommend you to anyone who needs help in dealing with life’s stressful events”  Annette


“I decided to try hypnotherapy with Venessa to curb my life-long sugar addiction and although I had used many hypnotherapy apps and recordings in the past, this was my first ever personalised, face-to-face hypnotherapy session. Venessa was warm, friendly and professional when I arrived at her home and I felt immediately at ease. I felt she really understood my triggers and what my goals were for the session and wow, what a result! I went in with an open mind, but did not expect the immediate effect our session would have on me! From the first day, I no longer crave sugar, I don’t even think about it. My relationship with food has completely changed and making healthy choices day to day now feels totally instinctive. I cannot recommend Venessa highly enough to those wanting to make big, or even small, life changes” Erin

“This was the first Christmas ever where I have not had the urge to overindulge, or the reality of overindulging, in food/treats. This was the first Christmas ever where my clothes became looser, not tighter! Could be age, wisdom, indifference etc but, given that my lifetime patterns rarely just stop with zero effort like this, I am thinking that the hypnosis deserves some or all credit! Thank you kindly.’ Stephanie


“I saw Venessa to help me with my focus. Venessa made me feel at ease straight away and had a very calming nature. The session had an immediate impact and helped me to achieve my goals and gave me so much confidence. I would definitely recommend Venessa to anyone and everyone that is looking for that positive change in mindset’  Louis


“You don’t know how grateful I am for giving me the gift of trusting that I am safe. For 55yrs I have not felt safe due to being harmed many times. Thanks to you, I no longer do irrational things to help me feel safe. Thank you so very much for your time, patience, compassion, empathy, kindness, both gentleness an strength. For not just listening, but actually hearing me. In one session you gave me something really precious – my ability to trust that I am really safe. Thanks from the bottom of my heart” Jan


“I am feeling pretty good at the moment….I have been listening to the recording everyday. It’s been really helpful before bed and I have been sleeping well.’ Freya


“I am so glad I stumbled across Venessa. I have worked with her on two separate occasions helping me with two different issues. She has a great understanding of RTT and makes a safe and comfortable environment. She has helped me overcome feelings of social anxiety & helped me work on old money blocks. I highly recommend Venessa for both in person & over zoom sessions. Both have worked really well for me!”  Shani


 Venessa created an amazing Hypnosis recording for participants of my Ready for Change online program that perfectly met my brief and had extraordinary results for individuals. Hypnosis is such a powerful way to shift people and I’ll definitely be asking Venessa for more recordings for future programs! Thank you for your amazing work Lisa x ” Lisa

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