Imagine having a Red Bull every day for 15 years!

Is that addiction – YES!!

Red Bull does ‘give you wings‘, but the average person doesn’t need to fly that intensely. In fact the average person usually wants to feel calmer, anxiety free and just happy.

That’s what my client today wanted (we’ll call her Rebecca Redbull) to feel calm and happy without needing to consume Red Bull.

You can understand a Mum of 3 needing a pick me up, but Rebecca Redbull doesn’t like Coffee or Coke, so a Chai was her go to if the Hypnotherapy session we conducted was a success.

And was it?

Not a sip of Red Bull for a week. No cravings at all! and in fact a feeling of contented happiness; what’s better than that?

Have you got an addiction that you want to be rid of?

If you have seriously consider Hypnotherapy and/or contact Drug & Alcohol services.

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