Let’s face it change is not always the easiest.

When we think of setting goals, they are usually BIG goals…like giving up sugar, running a marathon, quitting smoking, dropping a couple of dress sizes.

But the motivation we need to succeed with these goals comes from action. If the action we need to take is too much, too different to where we are currently,  or takes up too much time, the goals often get tossed to the side leaving us defeated and feeling like a failure.

So why not change it up a bit, make some easy lifestyle changes where you can take action to succeed. With each small success you will feel motivated to do more, be more consistent and therefore more successful.

These easy lifestyle changes may seem simple but they can have a massive impact on your wellbeing and success with the bigger changes you are looking for.

  1. Drink more water; you know you don’t drink enough now 😉
  2. Tell yourself ‘I am Enough’ – this is surprisingly difficult for some
  3. Breathe – Most of us don’t breathe deeply enough and breathing is one of the best ways to cope with anxiety, anger and fear to name just three.

Sometimes we jump straight into big changes, or challenges and don’t even give these small steps a chance to make the massive change they’re capable of!

If you’re struggling with change, get in touch and I can give you some more tips to help you in the right direction.

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