Did you know our minds are geared towards the negative?

Yes! We’re programmed to think on the more -ve side of things in order to keep us safe. So if you are scared of heights it’s your brain’s way of keeping you safe. Although often it keeps you a little too safe and a little nervousness can easily turn into a phobia.

So how do we create more positive ways of thinking?

Our mind is like a muscle, the more we lift weights the stronger we become. The more we practice positive thinking, the stronger we make those neural pathways of positivity.

It’s like walking through a field of long grass. The first time you walk through, there might be a slight change in the grass, but the more you walk that path, the more warn it becomes, the grass is parted and you can see where the path has been walked day after day.

So, it’s not just about suddenly becoming super positive, changing our habits and sticking to the new ones 100% of the time easily and effortlessly. It takes time to create these new neural pathways and it is easy to slip into old habits again, but with the right help and motivation you can create a more positive you, you just have to work at it, just like the weights.

  • Philip James
    Posted December 9, 2016

    Thank you for your amazing services, and for your precious time! I am a happy client and recommend edward to everyone!

    • Adam Brown
      Posted December 9, 2016

      What a great story! I would like to learn more about your methods and technique

      • Cindy Jefferson
        Posted December 9, 2016

        Please get in touch with the Doctor’s assistant for more details.

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