Why do some of us have no willpower when it comes to sweet foods?

Let’s face it, many of us are like this little guy in the image 🙂

It all goes back to hunting and gathering – the times of cave people.
We ate fruit and vegetables, possibly some fish and/or meat when it was available, so when once in a blue moon we found a bee hive, for example, it was like we’d won the food lottery!
Because it was such a scarce find, we ate as much as we could…finishing it off later on, or the next day if there was any left, as we knew we might not be lucky enough to find such a feast again for a while.
Now today we know we can get a pot of honey, a family sized block of chocolate, cake, biscuits, ice cream (and the list goes on) at any time of the day, any day of the week – even on public holidays.
We know we’re not going to go hungry, but our brains have not evolved as much in all areas as would be helpful for our sugar addicted confusions. Our brain still wants to keep us safe, fill up on sweet things when the chance is there… and there’s the problem!
Our subconscious and conscious mind clash and while we might know we don’t want to finish that cake, something in us ‘makes us’ do it!
So how do we get around it?
Working with our brain and subconscious mind, understanding how to use it to help us, rather than hinder us is the key.
But that’s another blog post… watch this space 🙂
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