• Tired of Anxiety, Stress & Depression?
  • Struggling to lose weight?
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues?
  • Self Sabotage?

Don't let it hold you back any longer

Hypnotherapy &

RTT Consultations

Private RTT & Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions Online (via Zoom) & 

In-Clinic; Sydney, NSW.


Full confidentiality and a totally safe space, to get to the bottom of what's been holding you back.


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Anxiety &


Do you feel like Anxiety and, or depression is taking control of your life?


Let me help you take the positive steps to overcome your own personal challenges and get back the real you.


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You don't have to live with Anxiety.


Weight Loss & Management

Flip conventional weight loss on it's head & really improve how you think and feel about YOU. 


Stop self sabotaging, lose weight & more importantly keep it off...take back control & feel amazing.


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Change your relationship with food for good.

Confidence &

Self Esteem

Release self doubt, uncertainty and feeling that you're not good enough.


Reprogram your mind to allow in self belief, self confidence and amazing self-esteem.


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Uncover a radiant confidence, you never knew you had!

What to Expect

Here are some of the invaluable benefits you will experience from working with me.

  • Combat Anxiety

    Free yourself from fear & uncertainty. Welcome in a calm, confidence.

  • Release Weight

    Recognise the connection between food and mind

    Emotional eating will be a distant memory

  • Increase Energy

    Both mental and physical energy. Feel positive, vibrant and excited about your life 


  • Handle Stress

    Let go of worry & frustration, end the short temper. Pave the way for relaxation & ease

  • Conquer Cravings

    Tackle cravings both consciously and sub-consciously...they'll soon be a thing of the past

  • Procrastination

    Stop procrastination in it's tracks...who's got  time for that!


  • More Confidence

    Leave self doubt & fear behind, build rock solid self belief.

  • Take Back Control

    Take back the steering wheel of your life. You dictate what it entails and that won't be all the crap!

  • Transform your Life

    What are you waiting for?

    Let's do it.



Venessa created an amazing Hypnosis recording for participants of my Ready for Change online program that perfectly met my brief and had extraordinary results for individuals.


Hypnosis is such a powerful way to shift people and I'll definitely be asking Venessa for more recordings for future programs! Thank you for your amazing work Lisa x ”


Lisa Corduff

"I am so glad I stumbled across Venessa. I have worked with her on two separate occasions helping me with two different issues. She has a great understanding of RTT and makes a safe and comfortable environment.


She has helped me overcome feelings of social anxiety & helped me work on old money blocks. I highly recommend Venessa for both in person & over Zoom sessions. Both have worked really well for me!'

Shani Timms

Frequently asked questions

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Can anyone be Hypnotised?

Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?

No - you're aware of what's being said and able to stop the hypnosis at any time if you wish. 

How's Hypnosis different from Counselling?

How quickly will I notice changes?

How do Online and In-Clinic sessions differ?

How long do sessions last?

Are sessions confidential?

I'm embarrassed about my problem/past?

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