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Hello I’m


I am so glad I stumbled across Venessa. I have worked with her on two separate occasions helping me with two different issues. She has a great understanding of RTT and makes a safe and comfortable environment.
She has helped me overcome feelings of social anxiety & helped me work on old money blocks. I highly recommend Venessa for both in person & over Zoom sessions. Both have worked really well for me!


Shani Timms

Venessa created an amazing Hypnosis recording for participants of my Ready for Change online program that perfectly met my brief and had extraordinary results for individuals.
Hypnosis is such a powerful way to shift people and I’ll definitely be asking Venessa for more recordings for future programs! Thank you for your amazing work Lisa x


Lisa Corduff

Wow! Just what I really needed. Venessa was so welcoming, understanding, non-judgemental and confident in her ability to address the issues that had driven me to the comfort of her hypnosis chair…Truly grateful to you for your genuinely kind nature and for helping me through a really tough time… I recommend Vanessa so highly. It’s Self Care 101.


Paul Sandowsky

How Effective Is Hypnosis?

American Health Magazine Compared Different
Types Of Therapy And Found:
Behavior Theraphy

38% Recovery after
600 Sessions

72% Recovery after
22 Sessions

93% Recovery after
6 Sessions

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